To say I love to see the world is an understatement. I have been extremely lucky to have had the opportunities to travel to:

I will be traveling more and blogging my way through it!

Every single place has been more than worth it, and I always spend less than I think I’m going to. For example, I spent less than $1500 for my trip to Jamaica for a week, that includes flights, hotels (not all inclusive), food, souvenirs, drinks, and excursions. This blog will serve as a template for your trip, and how to do it all on a budget!

What I’m Sharing at Amanda Jo On The Go

The main points of this blog are:

  • Travel tips on a budget
  • Traveling solo as a female
  • Traveling with anxiety
  • Best sites, hotels, and excursions
  • For you to laugh at all my blunders and watch me stumble through this thing we call life 🤦‍♀️😏