I quenched my thirst for wanderlust with a year in Australia. I’m going to tell you a few highlights here because most people want to know all about my trip!

The opportunity presented itself when my Aunt Caitlin and Uncle Charley asked me to be their nanny for a year! I lept, jumped, and ran as fast as I could to get there (Well, 20+ hours of flights…). I wouldn’t change my decision to go for anything in the world!

Australia Highlights

A few of my favorite places in Australia were

  • Sydney
  • Melbourne (where I lived)
  • St. Phillip Island
  • Cairns
  • The Great Ocean Road

There were so many wonderful sights to see in Australia!

Little Known Facts About Australia

People like to say “pardon” instead of “what?” or “ta” instead of thank you. That one really threw me off. Life tip: Don’t talk about your fanny pack that you took to Disney World…just trust me 🤦‍♀️

Shopping is more expensive in Australia. A Krispy Kreme donut was around $4! Needless to say, I lost some weight 😂

The toilets DO flush counter-clockwise! But always check under the lid before sitting down…again, just trust me on that one! 🕷😳