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Choosing to life live to fullest can be daunting. And each person’s definition is different.

Personally, I want to see as much as I can, meet all different kinds of people, and experience what this beautiful planet has to offer. Minus the spiders, snakes and whatever monsters lie at the bottom of the ocean. The view from the plane isn’t too shabby though, eh? Chicago is one of my favorite skylines!

My curiousity was piqued when I moved two states away from home for college. At first, I missed home immensely. The feeling you get when you are there is like no other feeling ever. The sunset at my parents house is one the most calming places, with the most beautiful views.

Have any of you ever experienced that? I was miserable. I thought it was just because I was missing people, missing a feeling and just plain missing out. It took me years to realize, I wasn’t allowing myself to fully enjoy the experiences God laid in front of me.

It hit me in 2013 when I was blessed with the opportunity to move literally across the entire world. I was offered to nanny for my wonderful family in Australia. I debated it (for the life of me I don’t know why) and eventually said YES. I dropped everything and left. I do not regret a single thing about that. Life there was unimaginable. From scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef to a once in a lifetime opportunity camping in the outback and touching a koala in the wild with a baby on her back. It opened up my world. Now, I have the itch to go everywhere. I have gone to Jamaica, Central America, Mexico, Canada, and have my sights set on my next venture. #bucketlistsfordays

Moving and traveling constantly can be exhausting. Making friends everywhere you go is difficult. Sometimes this life can be very intimidating. I do have some tips on how to survive.

  • Join classes: yoga, painting, the gym
  • Add yourself to social media pages of the town you live in
  • Join meetup groups full of other expats
  • Go to farmers markets, beer crawls, whatever strikes your fancy
  • Netflix and Hulu…lots of it 😉
  • Talk to random people, you never know who needs a smile or friend
  • Never forget the ones you meet along the way
  • Use my links to get the best deals for travel 😉
  • Learn to love spending time with yourself
  • Be brave.

To my family: Thank you for being there and supporting me as I live an “unconventional life”. Your support is unending and means more to me than you know. I love you all.

To my friends I’ve made along my way: I will never forget any of you. You have helped me grow, and been a vital part to my crazy journey. Much love.

So, I usually write about travel tips, which hotels to stay in, which airlines to use and even which atm’s are best.

But the BEST piece of advice I can give…

JUST DO IT! Follow your heart and your dreams. You can make more money, and the bills will still be there. This world, however, might not always stick around. Precious sights deterioate, people leave this world. If you have courage to seize your dreams at all, please do it. You will not regret it. You can even reach out to me for advice or to plan your trip or the next step in your life.

Don’t just accept life as it comes, make it BEAUTIFUL. And remember to take pictures of yourself smiling, so you can remember why you must savor each moment. xx


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