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I have long suffered from a form of PTSD, anxiety, and panic attacks. The above picture is me, and could be you someday! And if you are reading this, I’m guessing you understand or want to understand!

Traveling alone seemed like jumping off a cliff onto multiple daggered rocks 😳. When given the opportunity to go to Australia, I asked multiple people multiple times what I should do. They acted like I was crazy for even considering staying home. But for me, my home is my comfort zone, and the possibility of leaving it all seemed straight up scary.

I had to learn along the way, and would love if I can even help one person! If there is anyone who has any questions after reading this, PLEASE contact me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter which you can find on my home page!

Anxiety Traveling Tips:

  • Budget, budget, budget. Always save more money than you think you’ll need. Nothing is worse, for someone with a brain that overworks, than the thought of coming home to no money for bills.
  • Download favorite music and movies for plane time and down time. Rewatching your favorite “Bring It On” can be cathartic when stressed.
  • Overpack! Yes, I am serious. It is better to have what you may want instead of not having it and wanting to go home. Bring your comfort clothes. Even if you are going to a warm climate area, your favorite sweatshirt can bring you to a calm place.
  • Plan ahead. I cannot stress this enough. From flights to hotels to rental cars to sight seeing. If you are staying in a hostel, and you can’t sleep without a fan or air conditioning, budget for your own room. If you don’t want to spend money on a car, make sure public transport is accessible. It’s hard enough to leave your room without the stress of knowing how you can safely get somewhere.
  • Find out if someone knows anyone where you are going. Traveling alone is uhhhmazing, but yes, it is difficult. It can be easier to deal with if you know you can call someone in emergency that is local.
  • Leave your itinerary with someone you trust so they know where you are, I always tell my mother 🤷‍♀️ Having that in the back of your brain is really comforting while exploring.
  • Do your research on visas or any laws that the country has to follow while traveling. Including if you need any shots or excess bug spray. Some are not on official sites. Like Costa Rica: keep your passport on your body as much as possible, as they stop and do checks to check your legality.
  • Look up phone plans and wifi options for international travel. An open line of communication with loved ones, and being able to call whenever is really helpful.
  • Wine. If you drink alcohol, a glass of wine can be soothing. I prefer a sweet Moscato 🍷 Other comfort foods and non alcoholic drinks can help calm you down as well. Don’t feel compelled to eat food you don’t normally like if you don’t want to, but it usually worth it!
  • Last and not least, self care! You know your anxiety the best. Whether it be deep breaths, yoga, meditation, etc. Talk yourself down, take however long you need, and remember you are not alone in how you feel.

You can do this!! I have been fighting my own brain for years and consider myself an expert. And after saying YES to Australia I have traveled to several more places, including internationally.

I have one last piece of advice: Take as many pictures of yourself smiling as possible. When you look back at your trip and you think of your moments of “failure” with anxiety, you can look at your pictures. It helps to remember the good times, and they will start outweighing the bad.

Please come to me if you need to talk, anxiety is a pain in the butt, but you are not alone 😘💕


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  1. Good read and advice! I too have many demons. But I will be flying alone to meet my best friend. This gives me anxiety but I know it will be good for my soul!

    • Sue, that’s awesome! Just make sure you find good booking! I have links in my profile for booking buddy, it has really good deals. If you click on it from my page it helps my blog and can help you save some money! And make sure you pick an airline with a free checked bag option or you will be paying an extra 60 bucks.
      You will have so much fun and get to leave Illinois…lol.

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